After many years of construction, the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) has formed a group of subjects with important influences and prominent advantages at both home and abroad in the field of information. At present, there are six first-level disciplines and 22 second-level disciplines

At the end of 2016, five first-level disciplines of the SIST participated in the fourth round of discipline assessment organized by the Ministry of Education. In the results published at the end of 2017, two first-level disciplines of control science and engineering and computer science and technology were awarded A+, and three first-level disciplines of information and communication engineering, electronic science and technology, and software engineering were awarded A.

In 2019, the scientific research projects undertaken by all departments affiliated to the SIST remained stable,with the total amount of research funding over 1.2 billion RMB Yuan. The SIST is in charge of 73 new projects of national natural science foundation of China and is in charge of nine new projects of national key research and development program. Since 2010, all departments affiliated to the SIST have won 40 national science and technology awards (30 leading awards): 9 National Natural Science Awards (seven leading awards, including one first prize and six second prizes), 15 national technological invention awards (15 leading awards, including one first prize and 14 second prizes), and 16 national science and technology progress awards (eight leading awards, including one first prize and seven second prizes).

In the new era, the three phases development goal in 2020, 2030 and 2050 of Tsinghua to become a world-class university and the construction task of the National Research Center for Information Science and Technology in Beijing have brought new development opportunities and challenges to the SIST. The SIST will further develop the advantages of disciplines and talents, based on the frontier of science and technology development, strengthening the basic, cutting-edge and cross discipline scientific exploration, carrying out innovative scientific research, adapting to the need of the national informatization construction and undertaking strategically forward-looking major projects, and making contributions to national construction and the progress of science and technology.