The School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) of Tsinghua University was founded in 1994, which currently consists of four Departments (Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Automation, and Micro-and Nano-Electronics), three Research Institutes (Information Technology, Microelectronics and Network Sciences and Cyberspace), and the Software School. The SIST has the National IC Training Center, two National Engineering Research Centers (National Engineering Research Center for Computer Integrated Manufacturing System, National Engineering Research Center for Enterprise Information Software) and four National Engineering Labs (National Engineering Lab of Next Generation Internet, National Engineering Lab for Digital TV(Beijing), National Engineering Lab for E-Commerce Technology and National Engineering Lab for Big Data System Software). The SIST also serves as the core of Beijing National Research Center for Information Science and Technology(BNRist)which is one of the six national research and development centers approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Currently, there are 556 faculties in the SIST. Among them, there are 6 academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, 7 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 176 full professors and 239 associate professors. At present, the total enrollment of the SIST is about 6984 students, including 2906 undergraduate students, 2191 master candidates, and 1887 doctor candidates.

Mission of the SIST is to cultivate IT-related creative talents with strong awareness of social responsibility, through meeting the challenge of worldwide innovation in science and technology as well as the requirement of national economic development,  accelerating the advancement in information technology research, and promoting the interdisciplinary interaction, all of which will lead to more contribution to the national economy and nurturing of more higher quality professionals.

The SIST is one of the largest schools of the university. It serves as the major base for research, education and training in IT in the whole country, while the faculty members are recognized both at home and abroad.

A lot of core research projects sponsored by National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program), National Natural Science Foundation of China, National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program), National Science and Technology Major Project , are investigated in the SIST, also going on smoothly. Close collaboration with universities, research institutes and industry worldwide result in enormous outcome. International conferences held on campus, seminars presented by international scholars and several chair professor teams contributed much to the free academic atmosphere. Furthermore, the SIST raises funds to support students to participate in international academic exchanges and discipline competitions.

In the education side, there are six undergraduates programs as well as 22 Master- and Doctor-degree programs offered in the SIST, and five post doctorate stations. All first-level disciplines are authorized to confer master's and doctoral degrees, and each year hundreds of domestic and international visiting scholars and postdoctoral researchers are admitted. The SIST offers five undergraduate majors in electronic information science and technology, microelectronics science and engineering, computer science and technology, automation, and software engineering.

Information technology is a field full of vitality and creativity, where top talents from around the world are attracted with the intense competition in the areas of science and technology, leading to innovative ideas. Information science and technology has a substantial impact on all aspects of human society. Faculties and students of Sthe IST, rooted in China, will together carry forward the traditions of Tsinghua University and endeavor to achieve the grand goals in the construction of a world-class Tsinghua University and top level the SIST, and also in the cultivation of students to become outstanding talents, to serve the country through persistent and concerted work.